Cyclobenzaprine Flexeril vs Methocarbamol Robaxin

Cyclobenzaprine Flexeril vs Methocarbamol Robaxin

Flexeril is also structurally similar to tricyclic antidepressants and has similar side effects such as dry mouth and sedation. Those who are prescribed Robaxin tablets need to take two or three tablets four times per day, initially. Then, one or two tablets three to four times per day or more is recommended. The recommended dose of cyclobenzaprine dose is 5 or 10 mg three times daily using immediate release tablets or 15 or 30 mg once daily using extended release tablets. Meanwhile, skeletal muscle relaxers like Dantrium, Flexeril, Lorzone, Robaxin, Skelaxin, Soma, and Zanaflex may need to be used with caution in people with preexisting liver or kidney disease. There is limited research as to which muscle relaxers work “better” than others.

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Muscle relaxants with CNS depressant effects can increase the risk of dizziness, falls, and serious injury in the elderly. Cyclobenzaprine has a higher retail cost of $42.99, compared to Robaxin. Generic cyclobenzaprine tablets are often covered by Medicare and insurance plans. If you don’t have insurance, you can use a SingleCare discount card to cut this cost to less than $8 depending on your pharmacy. Even if you do have insurance, it may be a good idea to find out if you can get a cheaper price on muscle relaxants. The drug comparisons information provided does not cover every potential use, warning, drug interaction, side effect, or adverse or allergic reaction.

List of Common Muscle Relaxers

Robaxin methocarbamol effectively relieves muscle spasms, but it can cause drowsiness and interfere with your ability to drive. Valium diazepam is effective for occasional or short-term use for anxiety and muscle spasm. Tizanidine has been shown to help with spasticity caused by multiple sclerosis. If the patient is seeking long-term treatment, together with physical therapy and rest, Robaxin is preferred.

Special Directions for Use in Tetanus There is clinical evidence which suggests that methocarbamol may have a beneficial effect in the control of the neuromuscular manifestations of tetanus. This is not an easy thing to do on your own; you won’t die, but without medications to make this go smoother you going to think your dieing. Two weeks in a rehab is nothing in comparison to the lifetime of damage your continued drug abuse will do to your children.

Studies have compared cyclobenzaprine, methocarbamol, and other skeletal muscle relaxants and found that they are equally effective in treating acute musculoskeletal conditions. Cyclobenzaprine is one of the most studied skeletal muscle relaxants, with solid evidence and systematic reviews supporting its effectiveness. Muscle relaxants are some of the most commonly prescribed medications to treat back pain and other strains or sprains.

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Addiction Resource does not favor or support any specific recovery center, nor do we claim to ensure the quality, validity, or effectiveness of any particular treatment center. No one should assume the information provided on Addiction Resource as authoritative and should always defer to the advice and care provided by a medical doctor. The other dosage form of this medicine is an injection solution into a muscle or into a vein.

  • No one should assume the information provided on Addiction Resource as authoritative and should always defer to the advice and care provided by a medical doctor.
  • Studies evaluating their effectiveness have often focused on their efficacy rather than a direct comparison.
  • Cyclobenzaprine is chemically related to the tricyclic class of antidepressants, for example, amitriptyline (Elavil, Endep), nortriptyline Pamelor).
  • Robaxin and Flexeril are two such drugs often prescribed for these conditions.

Loss of consciousness, troubled breathing, lowered heart rate, and in severe cases death or coma can also occur. I wanted to be trusted; I wanted relationships back that I lost, mainly my children and family. It started innocent enough, I got into a car accident, and then I got sucked into the whole, you know, medication issue with the pills.

Evidence of Effectiveness

In the end, the choice is largely based on personal preference, possible side effects, and the potential for abuse and drug dependence. While it’s true that various treatments can help manage painful spasms, your doctor will ultimately decide on a muscle relaxer prescription. You’ll also likely be told to drink a pain killer alongside the meds, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen to better manage the pain. We Level Up is a highly respected rehabilitation center renowned for its unique and comprehensive strategies in aiding individuals facing addiction and co-occurring mental health conditions. With a deep understanding of the intricate relationship between addiction and mental well-being, the facility is committed to providing a holistic and practical approach to recovery. Combining evidence-based therapies, expert medical care, and a nurturing environment, We Level Up offers a thorough and successful path to healing and transformation.

Muscle relaxants should only be taken with medical guidance from a doctor. Drug information found in the drug comparisons published on is primarily sourced from the FDA drug information. The drug comparison information found in this article does not contain any data from clinical trials with human participants or animals performed by any of the drug manufacturers comparing the drugs. There are no adequate studies of methocarbamol to determine safe and effective use in pregnant women. Methocarbamol should be avoided in pregnant mothers to avoid any risk to the unborn. Comparing the strength of Methocarbamol and Cyclobenzaprine is not straightforward as they have different mechanisms of action, and individual responses can vary.

Some people prefer Fexmid and Amrix over Robaxin because it is dosed once a day rather than 3 to 4 times a day. On the other hand, they can cause more adverse effects such as dry mouth and drowsiness. It is intended for general informational purposes and is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. If you think you may have a medical emergency, immediately call your physician or dial 911. According to systematic reviews, almost all muscle relaxers are comparable in effectiveness.

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